SunWai is a photographer who shoots beauty and fashion.

He can be best described as a minimalist, adopting a "keep it simple" photographic approach.

He is in complete control of his imaging workflow from planning to final output, including retouching of his own work which ensures the planned concept before capture is faithfully maintained.

As he does not commit himself to multiple projects at any one time, each and every assignment will be given his undivided attention. 

Whether shooting on location or in a studio environment, a high quality finished product has always been the focus of his work.

Currently based in Singapore, he travels frequently, passing through major cities in North America, Europe, Middle East, North and South Asia including Australia and New Zealand.

He shoots Nikon and Phase One medium format system.

All images are copyrighted material and remain the property of the photographer. No usage or reproduction using any means is allowed without prior permission.